I'm a 52 year-old daughter, sister, mother, nana, friend, and disabled veteran with PTSD and depression.  I'm getting comfortable in front of the camera and taking you along on my journey of healing and self-discovery.

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Trauma-Informed Coaching is the practice of understanding the presence of trauma in a coach-client relationship and how to use it as a guide for resilience and solution forward resolution.

My focus is on military and veteran families.

I'm A trauma-informed certified coach


I am a Navy veteran,  former military spouse, mom of a veteran, and retired from the VA healthcare system.  I'm living with PTSD, and a whole lot of other letters that make up my own personal brand of alphabet soup. 

If you're walking on eggshells around your partner or feel like you're sweeping for IEDs in your own home, seeking acknowledgement, if you want to be heard - you're in the right place. 

I like to help women who love a veteran learn how to wear their oxygen masks ALL THE TIME - not just during a crisis.  Remember, it's ok to go to crazy town, just don't build your house there!  

I'm Laura Lee - a mover.  a boom-shaker.  a survivor.  a fighter. a cycle breaker.  not a lookawayer.

If there was a chocolate milk anonymous.  I'd be at meetings...every.  single.  day.
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This is the ultimate no judgment zone with lots of tools and tips.  I do however, reserve bragging rights when it comes to my children, grandsons, and my service dogs.  And, my husband, too!

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