April 20, 2020

You Can Thrive In Uncertain Times


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Laura Lee, 53, with invisible wounds and scars. I've learned to embrace PTSD and depression because if I don't own them, they'll own me.  I don't want to simply survive, but to thrive.  I hope you'll join me on my journey.  It's sure to be a bumpy road.


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So many things have changed in the last few weeks….months.  Everything was chugging along, business as usual, and then BAM!  Business has changed.  Life has changed.  Everything has changed.  We have a new normal.  For now.  What will normal look like months from now?


The whole world is being traumatized.

Carianne has a rare kidney disease – MPGN C4D, plus she’s on immunosuppressants.

Shane has an autoimmune disorder– he’s on immunosuppressants.

Cassy lives in NYC.

Shane, Carianne, Cassy




My mom is undergoing chemotherapy.

My dad has heart disease and has had a triple bypass.

My grandfather is 97 years old.

I bought masks for everyone…including Oliver (5) and Ryder (4).

My anxiety was and to some extent is still spinning out of control.  If it weren’t for my psychiatric NP increasing my anti-anxiety medication, I think I’d be a zombie right now.

Only Shane lives nearby, but he refuses to see us because he’s afraid he’s going to expose us.

The same concern and mini-lecture I gave my parents about staying inside and limiting contact with other people…Shane, my oldest child, at the age of 33…gave to Scott and me.

Cassy traveled to San Antonio as soon as she was laid off, which was early because she is in the floral and events business and people were postponing weddings, conferences, and all other get-togethers.  I begged her to get out of the city while she could.  She had the option of coming to Oregon to stay with us or go to San Antonio with Carianne, Corbin, and the boys.  She chose San Antonio – it’s more fun to spend months with your nephews than it is to be cooped up with your parents.  That was ok by me.  I just needed her out of there.




Our cupboards were nearly bare as we headed for the grocery store, and for the first time in my life I wish I had paid attention and shown an interest when Scott’s mom and grandma tried to teach me to can fruits and vegetables.  I have however, vowed to clean out the garage and keep a stockpile of shelf stable foods and other commodities like toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, and medicine, for the next time because I do believe there will be a next time – maybe not due to COVID-19, but there will be a reason to be prepared for an emergency like the one we’re dealing with now.  Seriously, can we talk about the toilet paper wars?


You’d think after going through mild earthquakes in California, Guam, Pennsylvania, and Oregon; hurricanes and tornadoes in Florida; typhoons in Guam; Three Mile Island as a pre-teen; and massive snowstorms in Pennsylvania…that I’d have had the wherewithal to be more prepared a very long time ago, but truth be told I was still very naïve.  And, very unprepared.

Stores aren’t open.  Stores have gone out of business – permanently closed.  I see it around town.  Blue tape on the floor in the grocery store so we keep our distance from each other.  Employees with clickers outside the store counting how many people are inside at a time and limiting those numbers.  Stores that won’t let you inside, but they take your order at the door and go in, get what you want, and bring it to you.  Stores that rely on consumers to browse and buy more than what they came in for, can no longer rely on us to do so.

People are turning to online stores and they can’t keep up with demand either.



And, then there are people collecting unemployment, including Cassy.  Luckily, Scott is still working albeit sporadically.  Shane is working part-time, but he’s getting paid full time.  Yay for a company that takes care of its employees!  Carianne is staying home with the boys until the fall, and Corbin is a First Lieutenant in the Army.

Luckily, I still have my job and I’m working hard.  I know a lot of people who are.  But, we the people, in general – need money.  How long did your stimulus check last?

Our communities – our friends and neighbors are starving for personal connections.  Connections they used to get at the gym, the store, the club, the pub, the playground, and school.  They’re looking for new places to connect with people.

I’m able to continue to work and give my community the personal attention and connection that they need and want because I’ve built an online community.  I’ve built a membership – Color Joy.

Color Joy is an online adult coloring book membership, delivering a 30-page coloring book to my members each and every month….along with master classes and tutorials for those who want to learn new coloring skills.  Books can also be purchased a la carte in the shop.  And I run a contest each month that anyone can enter!   No coloring required.


And, I’m adding to the membership with the help of Tribe Workshop and course.  A new component that my members are asking for.  I’m working with an art therapist to add Creative Strategic Art Wellness Workshops (Creative START) that will be delivered weekly via Zoom so we can all share with one another.  We’ll be using a different medium each month to work through our feelings and promote healing with mediums like chalk pastels, acrylic paints, crayons, and modeling clay.

So, yes, I’m still busy.  I have lots to do and it’s a good thing because it helps to keep my mind off of the chaos that’s going on in the world.

None of it would be possible though if I didn’t know HOW to create a membership.  HOW to find members.  HOW to retain members.  HOW to find members.  HOW to talk to my members.  HOW to market to my members.  HOW to do ALL THE THINGS!

In this time of chaos, with all the people starving for connection…membership and subscription sites are flourishing.  Think Netflix, Peloton, Disney+, Amazon.

I know people who have successful memberships in niches such as online homeschool curriculum, guitar playing, painting, home paint parties, wreath making, meal prep, photography, yoga, meditation, art for children, crochet, knitting, caramel apple making…Jewish brides!  And, so many more.

And, they learned how to do it by balancing work and life.

Do you have something you’re passionate about?  Good at?  Something in which everyone is always asking you for help?  Turn it into a membership!

I learned, along with so many others, how to create a successful online membership from a funny guy named Stu.  And, Stu only opens his training one time a year.   And, that time is upon us.  If you want more financial freedom, want to be your own boss, and want to learn all the things that are possible, then sign up for this free no obligation workshopSince 2016, Stu has helped launch over 70,000+ highly-profitable membership and subscription businesses.


You don’t need to be tech savvy.  You don’t need to have a huge following.  But I bet you have something to offer.  So, what are you waiting for?  REGISTER NOW!  START THRIVING!  And, have fun while you’re doing it.  Seriously…it’s a blast!

Learn to THRIVE amidst this chaos and don’t let another emergency – personal or national, take you by surprise because statistics show that people are joining memberships by the droves – yes even now because they have time on their hands to learn new skills and want to connect with other people!  Create the perfect business!

So, if you’ve ever even had an inkling about starting your own business then this workshop and subsequent course is for you!

It’s only offered ONE TIME A YEAR!

If you’re still uncertain, watch these minute-long inspirational videos for a sneak peek:

Video #1 – Community

Video #2 – Hustle

Video #3 – Money

Video #4 – The Perfect Business

P.S.  I took the course last year, but I’ll be taking it again this year because it’s THAT good!  I hope to see you there.  Tell Stu, Laura Lee sent you. 🙂


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  1. Hillari says:

    This sounds like such a brilliant opportunity!! Thank you so much for offering it. I am so impressed by your tenacity and ability to power through during this time of uncertainty for so many.

  2. Beth Shields says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Its been so hard for so many people and yet a time of reflection as well. Keeping busy has been key for me…even to the point of putting a list together and checking it off! Thanks.

  3. Misty says:

    It is amazing how much one thing can change your life. I cannot believe how many people you have to keep an eye on just in your family with medical conditions. Stay strong mama. I am glad your family is smart enough to try and stay safe though. I cannot believe how many people are trying to live their normal life like nothing is going on. I hope your family is able to stay safe and healthy through all of this. Glad your daughter got out of NYC; from the sounds things were crazy over there from the get go.

  4. Linda Egeler says:

    What an inspiring read! I love to hear about people’s personal journeys. You shall persevere!

  5. So glad your family is safe! I am intrigued by the training you reference for membership sites, so I signed up.

  6. Love hearing about how you have made lemonade out of lemons! Def a challenging time.

  7. Jen says:

    I was woefully unprepared for this! Thankfully, I heard the toilet paper rumblings and decided to buy an extra pack, just in case! These are strange times and I think we’re all going to do some things differently as a result!

  8. Lee Anne says:

    It’s a strange time in deed. Glad you are doing well! Side note. I wasn’t alive during the TMI Meltdown but I did grow up in the next town over!

  9. Thanks for the motivation. Now is definitely the right time to be trying to further an online business. I need to try and figure out what niche I could tap into with regard to membership services. Thanks for inspiring me to start thinking outside the box.

  10. Debbie says:

    Yes staying busy doing what you love really helps!

  11. I love the idea for the art wellness classes! That’s fantastic for a time like this.

  12. Kirsten says:

    Stu and his program are really great I hear. Several of my friends have taken it and LOVE it!

  13. Tricia Snow says:

    Thanks for the information! I look forward to learning more!

  14. Holly says:

    So many things are changing today and this great post will help and inspire so many! Thank you for sharing your story!

  15. Maria says:

    As always your positive attitude amidst your own feelings of chaos shines through!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for all the information I loved the read. I started 1 month prior to shut down with the COVID-19. I spent $500+ on stuff and got looked at like I was crazy, but I was prepared when it hit.

  17. Lisa says:

    I’m glad your family is safe. This times are crazy!

  18. Eva says:

    Great info and way to be positive!

  19. Shirley says:

    Our son, 37, also gave us the lecture to stay home. It was more like “you need to take this seriously if you are not already”. Guess we did something right in his raising. This is a great post. I too, have decided to stay a little more stocked up then I was before all this craziness hit. I will check out the site you list. Thanks for sharing it! Stay safe and healthy.

  20. Jane says:

    The world we knew will never be the same. It’s up to us now on how we deal with the new “normal”. Great tips and ideas on how to thrive during this crisis. This is really helpful esp during this time of crisis.

  21. Kendra says:

    I love that you’ve made the best out of this time! What a great membership service that is!

  22. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Its so helpful 🙂

  23. Santana says:

    Times are definitely crazy right now. I’m just glad I stocked up on everything before we had our baby in February. I didn’t want to have to go anywhere after she was born. Now it’s hard to find what you need if you run out of something.
    Stay safe.

  24. Angela says:

    Art therapy is so needed, especially during these difficult times.

  25. Cindy says:

    Glad you are doing well! And thanks for recommending the class. I’m signing up for that!

  26. Suzan | It's My Sustainable Life says:

    Staying positive & proactive can make all the difference right now. Thanks for sharing this!

  27. Sandi says:

    Best wishes on your journey

  28. Tiffany says:

    You’re right – it’s no longer business as usual! Time to refocus and get working!

  29. Lisa says:

    These times are so difficult. Crazy how many different battles people are fighting

  30. Pauline says:

    That work shop looks awesome!! I’ll have to check it out. And yes, the world is in chaos but we will survive!

  31. I love how you are finding this time to do more! I look at this new “normal” as an opportunity to do something we’ve always wanted to do. Now to take advantage of it. You are totally doing it!

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Laura Lee, 52, with invisible wounds and scars.  I've learned to embrace PTSD and depression because if I don't own them, they'll own me.  I don't want to simply survive, but to thrive.  I hope you'll join me on my journey.  It's sure to be a bumpy road.



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